Good Little Gardens

Brett J. Gilbert & Matthew Dunstan

Card game

1–5 players • 30 minutes

Published 25/07/17 • Cards v1.0 • Rules v1.0

What you need

You need the 26 cards, plus 20 tokens (in 5 colours), 15 other tokens, plus a way to keep score.

Good Little Gardens is a light drafting and tableau-building game for up to 5 players, including rules for solo play, with a colourful theme and a couple of super-simple twists.

In each of four rounds you’ll compete to draft cards to build the best and most valuable garden.

Score points for ‘abundance’ and ‘diversity’ by planting lots of beds of one colour while also trying to create larger plots of multiple colours. As the game goes on, scoring for abundance will become trickier, diversity more valuable — and you’ll want to watch out for the weeds.

So keep your wits and weedkiller about you and get planting!

About the designers

Brett J. Gilbert is a professional board game designer, which is every bit as lucrative as you might imagine. His first published game, Divinare (Asmodee, 2012), was recommended by the 2013 Spiel des Jahres jury; a fact he mentions purely in passing.

Matthew Dunstan is a scientist and game designer living in Cambridge, UK (far away from his sunny homeland of Australia). His first published game, Relic Runners, is being released by Days of Wonder in September 2013.