About & FAQ

Good Little Games is a showcase of free print-and-play games, run by tabletop game designers Brett J. Gilbert & Matthew Dunstan.

Are the games really free?

Yes! Games are meant to played, and we want our games to be played by as many people as possible.

In 2017 we re-launched Good Little Games, and created a Patreon to help support and inspire us to continue to design and release new games. The Good Little Games Patreon is now no longer active.

What do I need to print and play?

Not very much: that’s the point. You do need to be able to download and print the game files, and some games need a few additional game components, such as counters, dice or playing pieces.

For more information about downloading and printing the game files, see our How to guide.


All our games are the copyright of their respective designers. Please enjoy the games, but respect our designers and their work.

Terms and conditions

Our games are offered as free downloads for personal, strictly non-commercial use only. You may not redistribute, sell or trade the game materials in any form.

We reserve the right to modify or remove game materials at any time, and you agree that we are not liable to you or anyone else for any such modification or removal. You agree that any material downloaded from the site is obtained at your own discretion and risk, and you take sole responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of data or damage to your computer system. The game materials are offered “as is”, with no express or implied warranty about anything at all.

Hopefully all of this should be obvious, and fall into the category of “yes, that’s pretty much what I was expecting.”