Good Little Ninjas

Brett J. Gilbert & Matthew Dunstan

Card game

2–4 players • 30 minutes

Revised 30/04/17 • Cards v1.0.1 • Rules v1.0
Fixed minor errors on Village card (Shrine & Pagoda).

What you need

You need the 27 cards, plus 28 ‘buildings’ (7 in each of 4 colours) and 50+ coins.

In Good Little Ninjas, players become inhabitants of medieval Japan. Each of the game’s seven rounds represent one day in the life of a bustling village, full of characters and opportunity.

Every day you have the chance to employ Farmers, Carpenters, Merchants and Peasants to harvest rice and construct buildings. The more daring might send Ninjas to raid the Palace Treasury, or recruit Samurai to prevent the predicted raids. You might even persuade one of the more powerful inhabitants to help you: the Daiymo, the Shogun, or even the Emperor himself!

Ultimately, the player who best uses their cunning to gain the most coins wins the game.

Good Little Ninjas is a smart, fast-playing card-drafting game of risk and reward for 2–4 players, aged 12 and up.

About the designers

Brett J. Gilbert is a professional board game designer, which is every bit as lucrative as you might imagine. His first published game, Divinare (Asmodee, 2012), was recommended by the 2013 Spiel des Jahres jury; a fact he mentions purely in passing.

Matthew Dunstan is a scientist and game designer living in Cambridge, UK (far away from his sunny homeland of Australia). His first published game, Relic Runners, is being released by Days of Wonder in September 2013.