Witch Hunt

Matt Green & Sam Mercer

Card game

3–6 players • 15 minutes

Revised 19/08/13 • Cards v1.1 • Rules v1.0
Fixed minor errors on Angry Mob,
The Inquisition & Pointed Hat.

What you need

You need the 18 cards, plus a way to keep score.

In an odd little village in a far away place, strange things have been happening. Suspicion and unease have reached a crescendo of wild conjecture and accusations, and Mr Tiddles the cat, once a beloved member of the community, is now seen as an artefact of witchcraft. Just how much does Mrs Hogbottom and her suspiciously hooked nose have to answer for?

About the game

Having heard about Good Little Games, Sam and Matt wanted to contribute to this great idea straight away. An open-invite competition for a print-and-play ‘hidden role’ game served as a great coincidence, and was all the more reason to create this game.

Setting out to create a ‘hidden role’ or ‘traitor’ game, the designers thought that actually giving the player the opportunity to choose to be the bad guy could be an interesting twist, and make a welcome change from games where the bad guy is randomly assigned.

Witch Hunt was the result, and the game can lead to some very surprising situations — where all of the players choose to be a witch, or, indeed, occasions where there are no witches at all!

The game received first prize in the competition. Mrs Hogbottom remains at large.

About the designers

Matt Green is an entomologist based in Horsham and refuses to make a game about insects. He is responsible for the critical half of Example of Play, the game design commentary site. He enjoys nefarious social interaction, tokens, krakens, and the colour beige.

Sam Mercer is a marketing professional based in Southampton and Bournemouth. He is a big fan of stuff and will most likely shake your hand. He set up Example of Play with an entomologist friend of his. He loves game design and the odd serious conversation.