Zeppelin Derby

Todd Sanders

Card & dice game

2 players • 15 minutes

Published 12/07/13 • Cards & Rules v1.0

What you need

You need the 17 cards, plus 5 regular six‑sided dice and 2 player markers.

It’s race day! Aircrews to your Zeppelins! In this fast-playing racing game for two intrepid Zeppelin pilots, the players race their airships by rolling dice and playing cards — including a few dirty tricks! Who has the moxie to cross the finish line first?

About the game

Zeppelin Derby is one of a series of small card games designed as part of my Aether Captains universe, set in the fictional steampunk world of the Grand Compact. I created these games to be enjoyed by both those new to boardgames and those who have been playing for years.

All the games use cards instead of a traditional game board and are therefore compact and portable for gaming anywhere as well as being quick to learn. I also believe strongly in games with positive theme that can be played by children and their parents together without a lot of ‘take that’ strategies.

About the designer

Todd Sanders is a boardgame designer and artist who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He has won some acclaim for his Shadows Upon Lassadar series of solo boardgames as well for his re-designs of Barbarian Prince, Citadel of Blood and Hammer of Thor.

When not designing games he makes artists’ books and furniture in his basement studio